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Allow Us To Keep You Warm This Winter

 The clothing items offered on this site are produced to the same demanding specifications as the products manufactured for military use. The fabrics and designs were specifically developed to provide maximum protection for extended outdoor exposure to bitter cold weather. You also get the flatlock seaming and breathable, moisture wicking technology provided by the  high quality production techniques from Wabash Heritage Manufacturing.

Wabash Heritage offers Extreme Cold Weather Clothing made from both Polypropylene and Grid Fleece.  Our Polypropylene is Type 1, brown-colored (brown 436) knitted, brushed, multifilament terry-loop, soft fleece lined fabric. Some Polypropylene may have slight barre imperfections.  Our Grid Fleece fabric is circular knit, plaited jersey, looped pile, desert sand-colored (desert sand 503), 93% polyester, 7% spandex.  The fabrics are made and all items are sewn in the USA.